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Energy Vampires

Do you notice how some people can suck the life out of you?

Those negative Nellys who complain, judge and gossip.

They're also the people who only talk about themselves 24/7 without any regard to ask about you.

When you walk away from a conversation you feel depleted.

Ёṅëṛġÿ Ṿäṁṗïṛëṡ.

They might be friends, co-workers, neighbors or even family members.

Without even realizing it, when you're around their negative energy, you can easily fall victim to joining in on their negative spiral. In essence - You let them steal your joy and impact your own state of mind.

Make the decision to hold on to yourself and your power and refuse to hand over your emotions on a silver platter for the vampire to manage.

When you know you'll be around them in a group setting -

ie: at work or a family event, create a boundary by removing yourself from the person's energy field, give yourself physical space from their body.

Don't engage in interpersonal conversations - even if what they are saying has no truth or merit. Apply the quote, "It's better to be at peace than to be right."

If they show up on your social platforms - two great options for you: unfollow or unfriend.

Becoming intentional when you show up in those environments where you can't escape their presence will impact how you feel.

Being selective with who you spend time with on your off hours - will boost your energy.

Make an effort to spend time with positive people!

Select individuals who lift you up, support your goals, speak to you about what's possible and have a genuine interest in you.

Surrounding yourself with positivity, you're more likely to adopt empowering beliefs and see life as happening for you instead of to you.

While you can't control the energy vampires, you can control what you do to maintain your positive energy.

Be proactive!



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