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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Have you ever acted on impulse?

Acting on impulse gets a bad rap. It's mostly viewed as negative. Like eating an entire bag of chips, cutting loose on the driver who cut you off or grabbing every chocolate bar at the checkout counter...

What about acting on impulses that are positive?

What if we trained our brain to pay attention to positive impulses and take inspired action from them?

I want to tell you a story.

A few years ago I was traveling home from an event and I saw a woman who was pregnant, holding a 2 yr old in her arms and pulling a suitcase that was ripped and broken. She was shlepping it through the airport and looked exhausted and tired.

I couldn't stop thinking about her on the plane, only to find out - she was on my plane.

As I watched her exit the gate an impulse came to me.

I ran up to her, told her I noticed her bag was ripped and offered to switch suitcases with her. She looked at me like I was bananas and then graciously accepted my offer.

We found a spot at another gate, got down on the floor and started swapping out clothes from hers to mine and mine to hers.

Afterward she thanked me and headed to her next flight. I walked away feeling amazing that I helped someone by trusting my impulse voice to do something and act on it.

But this story isn't so much about a "good samaritan" act of kindness as it is about paying attention to the positive emotional charge you feel when you get an impulse to do something and then taking action to actually do it.

So what about you?

What impulses have you had about something you want to create in your life that you haven't taken seriously?

What impulses have you had about a product or service you offer that can help someone, only to let yourself talk you out of saying anything?

What impulses have you had about trying something completely new, somewhere new but you've let your brain give you every reason not to?

Impulses are a quick hit of a strong desire for something you really want. Some are helpful - some are not.

As you close out the calendar year - which ones will you take action on?



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