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It really works!

Want to know one of the quickest tip to growing personally and professionally?

Exercise a gratitude practice.

I know, I know you've heard it before.

But have you done it?

There's a reason why personal development specialists continuously talk about it . . .

because IT WORKS!

As we embark on the 2020 holiday season with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I want to share three gratitude practices you can start to employ today.

1) Gratitude Journal. You don't have to write a novel, a couple bullet points of what you're grateful for from each day will do the trick. If you can't think of anything - get down to the basics: water out of your faucet, sun shining, the clothes you're wearing.

2) Review your highlight reel. At the end of the day, go through everything that happened and highlight and appreciate the good things that occurred.

3) Practice Grateful Endings. Wherever you go, these days it's primarily the grocery store, give thanks for every step of the supply chain. Start with giving thanks to the farmers who planted the seeds, to the truckers who transported the food, to the store clerks that stocked the shelves. Be grateful for each of their contributions that allowed you to buy your groceries.

Oh, and did I mention, practicing gratitude helps to calm anxiety, reduce depression and build internal happiness?



when you keep exercising gratitude your brain will start to look for more things to be grateful for! Win Win.

Thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox each week.

I'm grateful to have you in my world.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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