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Making Powerful Decisions

When it comes to making decisions - do you find yourself waffling?

Do you go through the steps of gathering the necessary information, weighing all your options and assessing alternative solutions -

. . . only to feel in-decisive?

This week I want to share a few strategies to help you make better decisions and quicker - that have nothing to do with the above model of analysis paralysis.

3 Powerful Decision Making Strategies

1) There are no right or wrong decisions.

The only time they start to feel right or wrong is when you attach a meaning to each decision. It could be a meaning about yourself or the world around you. Know that what ever you are telling yourself is what's making you feel like it was a "right" or "wrong" decision and that thinking is optional.

2) Make your decision from opportunity.

Notice where you are making your decision from. Is it coming from fear or opportunity? Patrick Sweeney, author of the book Fear is Fuel, shares how when you make a decision from fear - it leads to regret. When you make a decision from opportunity - it leads to growth. Decide where you want to make your decisions from.

3) Make your decisions from your future not your past.

A lot of people lean into the evidence of the past to make a future decision. When you are upleveling or trying to do something you've never done before, that method falls very short because you don't have any evidence to support it. Instead - ask yourself what your future you would do. If you were this person today, how would you decide? Make your decision from the person's perspective who's already accomplished what you want.

“Life is good, because I decided to make it that way”

– Anonymous

Again - It's all about decisions!



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