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Three steps to insure a different future

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Earlier this year I was introduced to a system that allowed me to evaluate everything I was doing. It helped me see where I could make improvements in my life and business.

The results helped me not repeat the past (hello!), figure out another solution for the problem (so needed!) and grow myself exponentially (Boom!).

As the end of the year comes to a close I want to share my 3 Step Eval with you before the clock ticks 2020.

Pick an area of your life to evaluate and use this method to help you create a different result. You can apply it to any part of your life - business, career, family, relationships, health, financial....literally anywhere.

3 Step Eval for Growth

Ask yourself:

What went well?

Review what went right. Every time you ask yourself what went well, it sends your brain to scan the evidence of good things that happened. Write down everything that went well so you know what created that outcome. List what you did, how you felt, what you were telling yourself beforehand, acknowledge everything that went into the thing that went well.

What didn't go well?

List all the things that didn't not go right. Do not judge yourself or fall into victim mentality with excuses, just list what didn't work, what obstacles you didn't overcome, notice where your energy was and what you were thinking and believing in that moment. Get as specific as you can about what made it not go right.

What will you do differently?

Make a list of everything you will you do differently next time. Write in detail and be descriptive. This will become your road map for moving forward and contain what you should work on between now and next time.

Super Simple.

And remember the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result. Now you have a tool to prevent that. Your welcome!



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"Act as if you

already are

who you want to be."

Patricia Cimino

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