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The Power of Self Belief

Last week I had the opportunity to give a talk to a group of women entrepreneurs. The topic was Self Belief: The missing link to creating a thriving business. Ironically the topic of self belief came up in 3 different coaching calls since that talk to the entrepreneurs.

Here's what was so interesting and the common thread I witnessed:

When things are going well it's easy to have self belief...your business is thriving, your teenagers are co-operating, you're killing it in your workouts and food selection. You catch yourself saying -

"I'm rocking it!"


When you're hearing crickets in your business and your kids are frying out your nerves and you've decided to blow off working out and decide to eat nachos and drink cosmos instead - then your self belief is no where to be found.

Now you're thinking:

"I'm a failure"

"I can't get anything going"

"Why doesn't anyone listen to me?..."

Here's the deal-o:

Nothing outside of you can build your self belief but you. Not your business, not your family and not your workout routine.

Only what your thinking and believing about those things can build your self belief - or destroy it. Because...

Self belief or lack of it, stems from the things you are saying to yourself about yourself.

In those challenging times remember:

*To speak to yourself with confidence reminding you of who you are.

*To speak to yourself with kindness as you would a friend who's going through a hard time.

*To remind yourself that you can do hard.

This week find opportunities to use your thinking to build your self belief, I'll be doing the same...😉



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Patricia Cimino is a certified Life Coach who's passionately driven to help women entrepreneurs believe in themselves so they can feel 10' and bulletproof. She teaches a fierce self coaching model that radically changes how her clients think, feel and behave, so they can do what they're passionate about with clarity, confidence and optimism. When she's not coaching, speaking, leading workshops and retreats you can find her sweating it out on her mat or taking advantage of being the only female in a house full of a lot of testosterone..

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