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Worst Case Scenario

There was a time not so long ago that I never thought this was possible.

I thought that if I was having success, surely the other shoe would drop and I would fail somewhere.

This past year, I worked really hard on my “worst case scenario” mentality.

I decided that every time my brain wanted to worry when things were going well ( ridiculous - right?) I would send my brain to the “best case scenario”.

In those moments - I believed there was possibility and that gave me hope and peace.

And I noticed it took the same amount of energy to think up the best case vs the worst case 🤷🏻‍♀️...

A total game changer. 👊🏼

So when I saw this card I had to buy it as a gentle reminder.

Are you always thinking something's going to go wrong because everything is going right?

This is something I'm committing to helping you do. If you're like me and want to end the worst case scenario mentality - I'd love to help you. Click here for a mini session with me.

Let's make this the year of best case scenario -



...Don't waste any more precious time in the land of fear and impossibility. I can help you change here and send me a few days and times you're available to have a complimentary mini session

(45 min) with me.

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