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A powerful mantra for you

We all know that taking care of yourself through diet and exercise can drastically improve your health. BUT choosing to think on purpose, believing in positive results and hyper focusing on successful outcomes can be just as important and more impactful on your overall health.

How you think, the sentences you repeat and the words you choose make a difference in how you feel. And how you feel drives what you do. A lot of my work revolves around the thinking that drives positive results in my own life and in my client's lives. There's a ton of research that shows using positive affirmations and mantras can improve your overall wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Help with problem-solving

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Increase the likelihood of personal success

  • Increase positive emotions

  • Improve relationships

  • Increase confidence

  • Create inner clarity

Today I want to share the positive affirmation I used over the last few months the whirlwind of uncertainty in my life.

"Today's gonna be a great day."

Every time I'd say this simple yet powerful statement, it directed my brain to be on the lookout for all the good in my day, regardless of what was happening around me. Spoken when I woke up and repeated throughout the day, it kept me seeking the good in everything I was encountering, ultimately believing everything was happening for me - not against me.

I'd love to pass it on to you.

Cling to it like a sponge.

Say it with a smile.

Say it every time your see yourself in the mirror.

Say it to your partner and kids.

Here's the only catch - you have to believe it.

You have to believe it so much that you feel it in your body.

When your mind and body are aligned there is no stopping you from finding what you're looking for.

Have an amazing week and remember - you are only one thought away from an entirely different life,


I coach my clients how to create self-empowerment by purposely believing thoughts that make them feel positive. Are you ready to learn how to think differently so you can get the results you want? It starts with a call. Schedule here.

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