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Deciding how to feel on purpose

Did you know that everyday you get to wake up and choose how you want to feel?

I remember hearing this for the first time and thinking

"wait - what?"

Yes, you do and yes you can.

So now I've made a game of it. I wake up and ask myself:

"How do you want to feel today Patty?"

I listen to hear 3 feelings that come to mind.

Then I go to work to create thoughts that make me feel that way.

During the day I remind myself consistently of those thoughts I want to think so I can continue feeling the way that I intended.

If I get blind sided by something in my day - I humanly feel the temporary aggravation and then quickly remind myself I have go to thoughts I can send my focus to vs getting stuck in the swirl of negativity, anxiety and stress.

THIS IS WHERE THE WORK IS >>> showing myself that I have options for how I want to feel instead of succumbing to thinking that the world is going to collapse on me...

Here's an example of how I do this complete w/ emoji's:

Today I woke up and DECIDED I wanted to feel-

  • Productive

  • Resilient

  • Tanacious

Here are my go to thoughts:

  • "I'm going to get a ton done today 👊🏻"

  • "I can handle this..💪🏻"

  • "Keep moving - my goals are so worth it 🙌🏻"

So now it's your turn.

How do you want to feel today?

What go to thoughts can you create to make you feel the way you want?

Let me know if this causes any shifts in your already has for me 😉


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Patricia Cimino is a certified Life Coach who's passionately driven to empower women to become entrepreneurs. She shows them how to stop getting in their own way by teaching a bulletproof coaching model that radically changes how her clients think, feel and behave. The result is fierce self belief, focus and confidence which leads to authentic marketing of their products and services that's in alignment with their true purpose. When she's not coaching, speaking, leading workshops and retreats you can find her sweating it out on her mat or taking advantage of being the only female in a house full of a lot of testosterone..

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